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Perspex South Africa has rewarding day with Ukuthemba

Volunteers from Perspex South Africa spent a productive day at the Lighthouse Crèche and Daycare Centre in KwaZakele near Port Elizabeth. “I want to thank our staff for the time and effort they spent working over the weekend to install outdoor play facilities for the children cared for at the Centre,” said Perspex SA Director Adrian Kemp.

The crèche and daycare centre are part of the Ukuthemba initiative that is focussed on assisting the children of KwaZakele through improved pre-primary, primary and high school facilities. “We’ve formed a strong bond with Ukuthemba and try to help wherever we can,” said Adrian.

Perspex South Africa staff builds outdoor play equipment

Perspex South Africa staff’s most recent contribution was to create a lovely play area in the grounds of the crèche and daycare centre. They installed a large jungle gym and sandpit and demarcated the playground with brightly painted tyres.

The team included Kenneth Honwana, Zola Hlongwa, Rikus Weitz and Yvette Skorbinski. Adrian praised them for the time and effort they contributed towards bringing some happiness into the children’s lives.

“We’ve also supported them financially, but it’s important to spend our time and energy interacting with people in our community, contributing towards the growth and development of our area,” said Adrian.

In previous years the company has assisted in purchasing mattresses for children to use during nap time instead of sleeping on the floor. Ukuthemba donated science equipment for the high school laboratory and later this year they plan to repair windows and lighting at the primary school with the help of contributions from Perspex South Africa and other supporters.

How you can help?

The pre-school is run by missionaries from Ghana and one of their objectives is to teach the children English so that they can become proficient in an international language. This is important for their future working life. The pre-school, however, is very short of space for the 50 children that go there daily, housing them in one small building.

“We’re looking for someone to donate a container or pre-fab building to provide extra room for these children and their teachers. Anyone able to assist can contact me at our Perspex SA office in Port Elizabeth,” said Adrian. He can be contacted by email Adrian.kemp@perspex.co.za or by phone on 083 226 1522.

Perspex South Africa Volunteer Perspex South Africa help Ukuthemba


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