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Perspex SA Polygal Roof Protects The Hill Restaurant At Constitution Hill

The Perspex South Africa team is never happier than when challenged to find solutions for interesting projects, and the newly built ‘The Hill’ restaurant at Constitution Hill in Braamfontein is one to be celebrated.  The designers, led by architect Thomas Chapman of Local Studio, have done a wonderful job of creating an appealing building that echoes the history of its location.

Constitution Hill dates back to 1892 when the Old Fort was built under the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek.  For most of its history it functioned as a prison, housing in turn people that contravened colonial and then apartheid laws; political prisoners, including captured Boer military leaders during the South African War; Indian passive resisters including Mahatma Ghandi; and the Treason Trialists of 1956 including Nelson Mandela.

With such deep historical significance and much of the original buildings being preserved as a museum, the design of the restaurant in the Old Fort Courtyard had to respect its location. The Awethu Project, which leases office space in the Constitution Hill Precinct, appointed Chapman’s Local Studio as architects and project managers.

According to Chapman, The Hill restaurant’s construction methodology and material choices were mostly driven by practicalities as the building had to be moveable should the lease not be renewed.  The building is designed to support a stretch fabric marquee which increases the under-roof area for bigger events.

The restaurant roofing is Perspex SA Polygal multiwall polycarbonate wall sheeting, chosen because it is light and durable with good insulation properties.  “It also has a clean finish which we needed to contrast with the surrounding heritage building,” said Chapman.

“We really enjoy this type of project as our technical staff can advise on the choice of the most suitable sheeting product and assist the design team in the specification and installation of the correct product for the application” said Tyrone Blommestijn of Perspex South Africa.

Polycarbonate sheeting used at The Hill


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