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Our 4 Favourite Cast Acrylic Light Fixtures

Feature image courtesy of black parrots design

When it comes to light fixtures, Perspex® Cast Acrylic has opened up a world of possibilities for designers, thanks to its brilliant light transmission, excellent optical properties and wide range of forming and fabrication capabilities.

From sleek and modern lighting designs, to breathtaking masterpieces, the design flexibility of this lighting material is hard to beat!

But to show you just how versatile Perspex® Cast Acrylic can be, we thought we’d take you on a little visual journey, showcasing the design potential of this fantastic product. Take a look at these 4 examples of Cast Acrylic light fixtures.

Explore Cast Acrylic Design Possibilities With These 4 Light Fixtures

1.Acrylic Sunset by Jackson Pollock

Image: www.designawards.wordpress.com

In his light fixture design, Jackson Pollock uses undulating circles of fiery orange and red cast acrylic to capture the ambience of a setting sun. He also brings a sense of motion to his work with the four acrylic circles that move independently around the central source of light.

2. GIO Light by Johanna Grawunder

Image Courtesy of Johanna Grawunder

Johanna Grawunder’s GIO Light is truly mesmerising. The overlapping squares of translucent cast acrylic pull you into this multi-dimensional space full of interesting form and reflections.

3. Stealth Chandelier by Aarevalo & Melorriaga

Image: www.aarevalo.com

The concept behind the Stealth Chandelier is nothing short of inspiring. It represents a moment of magic, when a structure explodes and there is beauty in the chaotic.

But to bring such an imaginative concept to life, the designers had to use over three kilometers of fibre optics to create the strings of cast acrylic-cased lights!

4. Big Bang by Enrico Franzolini

Image courtesy of Enrico Franzolini

Irregular planes of cast acrylic intersect at varying angles to create an interesting play of shadow and light. It is as if Enrico Franzolini’s light fixture design resembles a beautiful explosion frozen in time!

As you can see from the above examples, Cast Acrylic is the ideal lighting material for designers seeking to give form to their imagination.

We hope these 4 Cast Acrylic light fixtures have ‘flicked the switch’ on your creativity, and have inspired you to push design boundaries!

Do you want to find out more about the forming and fabrication capabilities of Perspex® Cast Acrylic? Give us a call, or send us a mail to get free advice from our team of experts


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