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Why Perspex SA Polycarbonate Has Your Roofing Needs Covered

If you’re an architect or engineer who’s exploring roofing options for a current building design, then you’ve come to the right place.

We may just have the perfect roofing material for you! That’s why we’d like to discuss a few reasons to consider using Perspex SA polycarbonate in your latest building project. So take a look at the benefits below to decide whether our Perspex SA polycarbonate sheeting suits your roofing requirements.

8 Ways Perspex SA Polycarbonate Can Benefit Your Building

1.Reduced Electricity Costs

Because Perspex SA polycarbonate roofing offers exceptional insulation, which ensures your building stays cool in summer and warm in winter, the amount of electricity needed to regulate temperature is minimal.

This sheeting also lets in plenty of natural daylight, and thus reduces the need for artificial lighting.

2.Protection Against UV Rays

Perspex SA polycarbonate has been specially developed to withstand the harsh South African climate. The sheeting’s co-extruded UV cap layer prevents 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your building.

3.Environmentally Friendly

This energy-efficient roofing material is extruded with minimal energy consumption and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

4.A Spacious Atmosphere

The transparent appearance of Perspex SA polycarbonate can create a sense of ‘openness’ and ‘flow’ which contributes to a spacious atmosphere.

5.Easy To Install

The material’s flexible and lightweight properties make it extremely easy to work with.

6.10-Year Warranty

Perspex SA offer a 10-year warranty against yellowing or brittle Perspex SA polycarbonate.

7.Screen Printing Options

Because screen-printing can occur directly on the sheet, Perspex SA polycarbonate offers endless design opportunities which enable unique and creative ideas to materialise.

8.Flame Retardant Properties

This roofing material has been tested and certified for self-extinguishing performance.

With such a long list of roofing benefits, it’s easy to see why Perspex SA polycarbonate is largely recognised as a roofing material in spite of its wide range of applications.


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