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Beautify Your Bathroom With Perspex® Stone Cast Acrylic

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Would you like to give it a modern and sophisticated look?


If so, perhaps you should consider incorporating Perspex® Stone cast acrylic sheeting into your sanitary ware designs.


Developed to cater to the trend towards solid surface furnishings for traditional and contemporary bathrooms, Perspex® Stone cast acrylic is the ideal option for home owners with a refined sense of taste.

Be it baths, basins, Jacuzzis, sinks or shower trays, this unique cast acrylic product transforms dull surfaces into sleek and stylish finishes.


Beauty With Benefits


It’s not just the smooth, velvety texture of natural stone that sets Perspex® Stone cast acrylic apart from traditional sanitary ware materials. Strength, durability and easy-to-clean surfaces are qualities which work together to create a classic and timeless bathroom material unlike any other.


With all of the performance benefits of Perspex® cast acrylic, this bathroom sheeting won’t disappoint. Here’s what you can expect from this quality product:


Perspex® Stone Cast Acrylic Features:


Exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals associated with standard bathroom or kitchen use.

Excellent strength and heat protection (Class 3 Fire Rating).

Outstanding impact and abrasion resistance which ensure structures withstand heavy wear and tear.

Great thermoformability which enables intricate fabrication techniques.

Resistance to water whitening and water marks.

Lightweight make-up which makes it easy to transport and install.


Whether you choose Slate, Moonstone, Limestone, Earthstone, Sandstone or Jetstone-coloured sheeting for your sanitary ware surfaces, Perspex® Stone cast acrylic is sure to add value to your bathroom design!





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