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New Perspex® Naturals Range Available in South Africa

In love with the natural tones and textures of the outdoors? Well you’re in for a treat, Perspex South Africa recently extended their product range to include the Perspex® Naturals cast acrylic range.


Although the product was first introduced at Lucite – the manufacturers of Perspex in the UK at the end of 2016, the Perspex SA team conducted months of careful market research before making the decision to supply this new sheeting in South Africa.


Inspired by the simple beauty of nature and designed for retail and interior design applications, Perspex® Naturals Cast Acrylic offers a double-sided matt texture which is available in a collection of six colours.


The colour palette offers a choice of pale, mid and deep tones to create harmonizing colour combinations as well as bring a sense of calmness and tranquility to the space in which it is applied. It also complements other design materials such as wood, metal and textiles.


The Perspex® Naturals cast acrylic range is ideal for retail point of purchase, interior design features, room partitions and much more. It is the perfect material to bring clean simple lines and a natural look to any application, whether you want to create a classic or contemporary design Perspex® Naturals cast acrylic will work for whichever style you prefer.


Perspex® Naturals cast acrylic has durable and hard wearing properties which are more than capable of meeting high standards in demanding environments, ensuring you get the best out of the product.


Would you like to bring your design ideas to life with Perspex® Naturals cast acrylic range? Contact our team of experts find out more about the forming and fabrication possibilities of this exciting new product.


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