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Perspex SA brightens up the new and improved Qalakahle ECD Centre

In 2010 ‘We are Durban’ was alerted by Hoosen Moola from ‘iTrump’ and Darlene Menzies on the heart breaking closure of the Qalakahle ECD Centre in Mansel Market, due to the regulation health and safety standards not being met. The early childhood development is the only phase of education that is not regulated by the government, however it’s one of the most important phases of learning as it’s during these ages children learn the most, therefore making it an essential service for children in the area.

We are Durban’ and ‘iTrump’ gallantly stepped in and put together a group to help prevent this essential service from closing its doors. The initial sponsorship from Headway Pre-primary got the project underway and was the start of a better future for the Qalakahle ECD Learning centre and its students. With the path for the renovation project now set in motion and with the help of Ocean Architects, other companies soon caught wind, and eagerly joined in with impressive sponsorships. The Qalakahle ECD Centre then received numerous sponsorships with the key sponsors being 'Afrisun KZN community development trust', 'PRASA' and 'Ocean Architects' who designed the facility and pulled the whole project together.  

Perspex sponsors cast Acrylic

Once Perspex South Africa heard about the wonderful work that was helping to keep the Qalakahle ECD Centre’s doors open, we couldn’t wait to get involved. We wanted to help build a colourful space were children are not only able to grow and learn but get excited about going to everyday, so we decided to sponsor a variety of beautiful coloured of Perspex® cast acrylic inlays for the fences and doors. The project took over 3 years to complete, however the doors of the Qalakahle ECD Centre are now open and have the stamp of approval from the Health and Safety department. The Qalakahle ECD Centre, with the help of ‘We are Durban’, ‘iTrump’, 'Perspex South Africa' and all the other generous sponsors, can now continue to do their kind and caring work to help the children in Mansel Market have a better and brighter future.


Qalakahle ECD Centre revamp team Qalakahle ECD Centre  

Perspex sponsors Qalakahle ECD Centre  

  Perspex sponsors Qalakahle cast acrylic inlay

The New Qalakahle ECD Creche Perspex cast acrylic inlays

Qalakahle ECD Centre team Qalakahle ECD Centre hand over





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