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Virgin Active Constantia renovates their shower cubicles using Perspex® Cast Acrylic

As Virgin Active is one of the most popular fitness establishments in South Africa, their changing facilities are utilized consistently by a considerable number of members. The shower cubicles therefore take quite a bit of strain on a daily basis, which unavoidably can lead to a significant amount of damage. To ensure that the cubicles always look good and to reduce the negative impact of the general wear and tear the materials used to build these facilities need to be of a high quality, long lasting and extremely durable.

Virgin Active in Constantia have experienced an excessive amount of breakages to their glass shower cubicles, in the male and female change rooms. They contacted Cubicle Solutions in May 2015 to look for an alternative solution that would reduce the damage and constant repair costs. Cubicle Solutions suggested a tailor-made, shower cubicle system that would be specifically adapted to flow with the existing showers and avoid having to re-fit the tiles. The cubicles were built using 12mm Perspex® Cast Acrylic for extra strength to provide the rigidity needed for reduced damage. Perspex® Cast Acrylic is a consistent, high quality and durable acrylic sheeting, making it the perfect material for a well-used facility and is used to bring life to the creative ideas of architects, specifiers, interior designers, furniture designers, brand architects, graphic designers, automotive designers and fabricators world-wide. They specifically selected the Perspex® Frost white sheeting to ensure that the cubicles remained private and to provide an executive appeal to the overall look and feel of the change room.  

Cubicle solutions, together with Perspex South Africa completed the outstanding installation on deadline and Virgin Active Constantia was extremely happy with the overall solution and facelift to their change rooms. 


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