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Create inspiration in your office environment with Cast Acrylic dividers


Feature Image: farelloffice.com


Although offices are serious and professional spaces, this does not mean that you can’t still have fun with the design of your office and bring a bit of colour into the mix. If the dull and unimaginative appearance of your office environment has got you snoozing, perhaps it’s time to re-think its design and structure.

Because the look and feel of your working space can have such an impact on your mood or behavior, it’s little wonder that designers have turned to the exuberant properties of Cast Acrylic when looking to create spaces that inspire excitement as well as mental vitality.

Cast Acrylic dividers are often used in office environments and transform this working space by giving it structure and streamlining traffic flow. It is also an excellent material to use in the office interior design, because it’s so lightweight yet strong - making it easy to fix to desks, floors, walls or other furniture without the fear of it breaking.

With all the awesome benefits that Cast Acrylic dividers can bring to your working space, we thought it best to show you some great design ideas and how Cast Acrylic can be used to create them:


FiftyThree’s New York design studio radiates creative energy:

Office divider ideas, clear cast acrylic

Image: bloglovin.com


Design Company, ADD, has found a way to combine the two worlds of work and home in FiftyThree’s hip and happening design studio. This see-through studio has just the right amount of coziness to put workers at ease while they come up with creative ideas in brainstorming sessions. We love how this design approach completely changes the way one views their meeting experience!

 If you like the glossy shine of these transparent panels, you might want to consider using Perspex® Clear Sheet to pull this look off.


Chartis Insurance’s office environment makes work life fun:

Red cast acrylic office dividers

Image: scottbrownrigg.com


With a workspace so full of colour it’s hard not to smile as you step into a lively room like this. A warm colour palette of oranges and reds is sure to brighten up any office environment and boost it with a passionate energy.


Kapero’s Stockholm office installs bright yellow Cast Acrylic dividers:

Yellow office dividers

Image: core77.com


Swedish Architects N59 have created an office environment that bursts with brilliant luminosity!  Being surrounded by four walls every day can become a bit gloomy, but these architects have found a way to bring a touch of sunshine into this room by using these bright and jovial Cast Acrylic dividers. If you enjoy the vibrancy of this yellow, then you’ll definitely enjoy the bold and modern look of our Perspex® Fluorescent Range of plastic sheeting.


Wanabetree dividers for those who ‘wanna be’ playful:

colourful cast acrylic office divider ideas

Image: oddee.com


These free standing tree-like units designed by Bertil Harstrom can liven up your office environment in so many different ways. You can experiment with their positioning by interlocking an array of units in so many different ways. Because these units don’t completely enclose each desk unit, they allow for just enough privacy without being anti-social. Perspex® Spectrum LED sheets would be ideal to use in a boldly colourful design like this.

Now that you’ve seen the wonders that Cast Acrylic dividers can do, why not use this amazing material to give your office a bit of a face-lift? View our range of Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheeting and find the perfect finish for your office environment.

If you’ve never worked with this material before and need a bit of guidance when it comes to cutting it, you can read our blog ‘How to cut Perspex® Cast Acrylic’ for some great tips and tricks.



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