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Cast Acrylic Jewellery Designs That Will Leave You Bedazzled

Image: www.fridalasvegas.com

When one thinks of the uses of Cast Acrylic, usually jewellery isn’t a thought that readily comes to mind. But considering the material lends itself to endless forming and fabrication techniques, it should not be surprising that many famous jewellery designers make use of it.

If designing and making jewellery is the kind of thing that excites you, then we’ve got a blog that’s just up your alley! Whether your tastes are bold and flashy or subtle and delicate, we’ve got the perfect Cast Acrylic Jewellery designs to help get those creative juices flowing.

Float Away with this Cast Acrylic Necklace

Cast Acrylic Jewellery

Image: www.etsy.com

We love how this design embodies a sense of whimsical wonder and displays out-the-box thinking, by using the chain of the necklace to form balloon strings.

Stay Forever Young with this Bougainvillea Bangle

Cast Acrylic Jewellery

Image: www.fab.com

Beauty always fades away, but with this stunning bangle that’s not the case! Setting these Bougainvillea petals in acrylic resin ensures that nature’s beauty is forever preserved.

Colour Yourself with a Few Strokes of Paint

Cast Acrylic Jewellery


This gorgeous piece of Cast Acrylic jewellery won’t go unnoticed with its vivid and energetic swirls of colour! If you have a flair for anything artistic, then you might enjoy the idea of turning into walking canvas whilst wearing this necklace.

Cast Acrylic is Always Inspi-ring

Cast Acrylic Jewellery

Image: www.planetjune.com

The intricate wrap around artwork on this clear Cast Acrylic ring creates a panoramic landscape, with an illusion of visual depth and movement, as you twist it around your finger.

Over the Moon with Cast Acrylic Jewellery

Cast Acrylic Jewellery

Image: designtun.com.br

Laser-cutting Cast Acrylic can produce unbelievably detailed results, such as these lovely moon crescent earrings. Whether it’s waxing or waning, this design is sure to leave you glowing with delight!

Feeling inspired by these ideas? If you’ve been bitten by the creative bug and would like to start making Cast Acrylic jewellery, but don’t know where to start, then feel free to contact our team of experts for advice.


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