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Take A Seat With Cast Acrylic Chairs

When we take a seat, wherever it may be, we don’t often consider what it takes to construct a strong and stable chair, or the challenge of finding both a stylish and sturdy material to hold our weight.

But, unlike us, furniture designers are forced to consider thoughts like these on a constant basis. They have to carefully consider whether the properties of their chosen material will allow them to make their chair design a reality.

Thankfully, an option such as Cast Acrylic makes their planning much easier. This strong, lightweight, easy-to-clean material is a chair designer’s dream! And with its excellent impact resistance and wide variety of fabrication possibilities, pretty much any idea they have can be brought to life!

But don’t just take our word for it! Discover the material’s design flexibility by taking a look at our selection of Cast Acrylic Chairs below:

Dining in Style

Cast Acrylic Chairs

Image: www.froghilldesigns.net

This dining room has the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design. The warm and inviting charm of the wooden table and flooring is met with the energetically modern feel of the Cast Acrylic chairs. We love how this unique blend shines new light on the way you view both materials.


Glamour Galore

Cast Acrylic Chair

Image: www.sorrento.co.za

Placing is everything when it comes to design! And you can see just how true that is when you look at this space and how the Cast Acrylic Chairs are positioned directly opposite the large windows, allowing plenty of daylight to enter in and illuminate the subtle contours of this glossy seating.


Raising The Bar with Cast Acrylic Chairs

Perspex Bar Stools

Image: www.apaddingtonperspective.blogspot.com.au

From the metallic light fixtures, to the transparent bar stools, it’s plain to see that this kitchen design embraces all things modern. If you’re just as in love with Cast Acrylic chairs as we are, then take a note from this design and show off your favourite furniture by placing it directly underneath low hanging lights – this will ensure that the chairs reflect plenty of light and immediately catch your eye. 


Forget the Familiar

Cast Acrylic Office Chairs

Image: www.thedesignerpad.com

If the conventional way of doing things just isn’t for you, then these innovative chairs will suit you well!

For those who have ever doubted the strength and pliability of Cast Acrylic – pay close attention to the zig-zag chair base!


Now that you’ve seen the endless design possibilities for Cast Acrylic chairs, we hope that you’re feeling creatively inspired!

With our wide range of Perspex® Cast Acrylic finishes, textures and colours, all you have to limit you is your imagination!



Feature image: threadsence.com




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