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How To Bend Cast Acrylic The Easy Way

If you’re wanting to learn how to bend Cast Acrylic without spending a fortune on expensive specialised equipment, then you’ve come to the right place!

Although there are many different ways to do this, we’ve chosen one of the quickest and simplest methods, intended for those who simply want a clean, straight bend, and don’t require the sheeting for aesthetic purposes.

Bend Cast Acrylic in 7 Easy Steps

To get started, you will need the following:

  • A propane torch
  • Safety gloves
  • A ruler
  • A whiteboard marker
  • A large plank of wood

Step One

Give your Cast Acrylic sheet a gentle clean, with a soft, damp cloth.

Step Two

Mark off the bend line with your ruler and whiteboard marker, and align this with a corner edge of your plank. Once this is aligned, wipe off the whiteboard marker line (this can burn into your sheet and leave a permanent line).

Step Three

Put on the safety gloves and turn your propane torch on – ensure that you adjust this to the smallest flame possible.

Step Four

Run the flame over the Cast Acrylic (where the bend line was). Make sure only the tip of the flame makes contact with the sheet, and move it continuously across the bend line, without holding it in one spot for too long.

Step Five

Continue to run your flame up and down the bend line, until the sheet becomes more and more flexible (a few minutes should do the trick).

Step Six

Gently ‘fold’ the sheet to your desired angle.

Step Seven

Once you are happy with the angle of your bend, you can leave the sheet to cool down for a few hours.

And there you have it! Learning how to bend Cast Acrylic really is as simple as that.


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