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Perspex SA celebrates Mandela Day at Kids Haven

Mandela Day on 18 July is always a wonderful opportunity for people to get together and reach out to others for 67 minutes or more.  This year, 2014, saw Perspex SA staff meeting the children of Kids Haven and their dedicated team of care givers.  Perspex SA staff members donated groceries and money to this very busy Non Profit Organisation for the first time, and hope to make this a regular event.

 “Kids Haven is located within the community where Perspex SA has its offices, so it seemed like a logical choice for us. They are doing such valuable work in providing a stable, supportive environment for street children that we aim to continue helping them whenever we can,” said Perspex SA Account Manager Linda Malayen.

“The smiles and joy on the kids’ faces when we handed over the food parcels and sweets made the small effort all worthwhile and is only the start of more CSR projects we will be involved in. Our company has focused on helping organisations in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, but those of us based in Jo’burg really wanted to give back to our own communities and from our own pockets,” said Linda.

Kids Haven was started in 1992 by Moira Simpson, who was moved by the increase in street children in Benoni (Ekurhuleni) and by the violent deaths of two of them.  It is a registered NPO and Public Benefit Organisation with an outreach team that meets children on the streets to determine their circumstances and find a solution for them.  This often means entering the Kids Haven shelter where they are given all the care they need to be reintroduced to society.

The program is very comprehensive and includes early intervention for children new to the streets before behaviour problems escalate; in-care services for children that need a home either temporarily or permanently into adulthood; and after-care support services for Kids Haven children that have returned home or grown up into independent adults.

Kids Haven has a long ‘wish list’ for anyone that would like to get involved at a level that suits them.


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