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Perspex SA supports Kirsty Watts Foundation

The Kirsty Watts Foundation, founded by young brain tumour survivor Kirsty Watts, has just completed the comprehensive refurbishment of the Child Psychiatry Ward at Baragwanath Academic Hospital with the help of a large group of sponsors including Perspex South Africa.

The ward, known as Ward 80, treats children that are severely traumatised by their life circumstances.  The dedicated staff was working to help these children under dire conditions including broken walls and holes in the ceiling.  

Through the assistance of generous sponsors, the ward has had a complete make-over.  The patient rooms are sunny and bright; there is a well-resourced outdoor play area; and the offices and consulting rooms are fresh and appealing. 

“Our children have a right to peace of mind,” said Dr Helen Clark, Child Psychiatrist (Ward 80) at the opening of the new ward. 

“The children that are referred to us need to be contained in a safe environment while they are being assessed and cared for.  This generous resource (Ward 80) came from many different members of the community who came to help (us),” said Dr Clark.

Perspex South Africa sponsored the safety mirrors in the children’s bathrooms using 2mm MI Perspex SA extruded acrylic.  “Mirrors can be dangerous so we provided our Perspex SA extruded product instead. It’s the same material that you see being used on roads to indicate concealed corners,” said Stuart Hughes, Perspex SA Managing Director.

“We also sponsored the Perspex® cast acrylic ‘thank you to our sponsors’ board at the entrance to Ward 80.  This board lists all the companies that were involved in this very special project,” said Stuart.

At the opening of the newly refurbished Ward 80, Kirsty Watts Foundation trustee Belinda Watts said that when the building work started in January 2014 they had only raised half the money needed. 

“We needed companies to get involved and everyone approached said ‘yes’.  They all made this happen and all touched my heart with their generosity,” she said.


Photos supplied by James Strack, www.jamesstrack.com




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