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Perspex® Cast Acrylic only available through Approved Distributors

Perspex South Africa holds itself to high standards in terms of quality and service, so we’ve selected distributors countrywide that we can trust to deliver the same standards to our customers.

Perspex South Africa has been supplying Perspex® cast and extruded acrylic sheeting to the local market for over 60 years.  It’s hardly surprising then that there are now a number of look-alike products available.  There are definite differences between these products in terms of quality and durability and unfortunately for the end user, inferior plastic sheeting deteriorates quickly in the harsh South African climatic conditions.

So it’s important to ensure that you are being supplied with reliable products for your project, whether it’s manufacturing signs, making sanitary ware or building boats.  Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheeting is manufactured to high standards and is backed by authentic warranties.  It is only available through approved distributors or direct from Perspex South Africa branches in the major centres. 

Genuine distributors all carry an ‘Approved Perspex® Distributor’ logo on their websites, in their showroom, and on their vehicles.  They are conveniently located throughout the country, offering customised services such as over-the-counter cutting, competitive prices and same day deliveries.

To check if your distributor is providing you with real Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheeting, please check our list of approved distributors.  If you are concerned about the quality of plastic sheeting you are purchasing you’re welcome to phone our customer help line 0870 970 111.


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