Perspex® cast acrylic sheeting

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The Perspex® Cast Acrylic Collection

Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheet is manufactured in an exciting range of colours and finishes. No matter what your end product, there is a cast acrylic sheet that will provide exactly the result you are looking for. Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheet is consistent, high quality and durable, offering the ultimate in design flexibility and fabrication.

Perspex® Clear Sheet

Perspex Clear transmits 92% of all visible light, is half the weight of an equivalent sheet of glass and exceptionally strong.

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Perspex® Opals

Perspex Opal cast acrylic sheet offers a wide range of different light transmissions

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Perspex® Colours

Perspex Colour sheet can accurately project a company’s brand or corporate identity as there is a wide range of options

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Perspex® Frost

Perspex Frost’s frosted surface texture provides a cool, contemporary feel.

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Perspex® Impressions

Perspex Impressions has a contemporary pattern that adds texture, making it ideal for innovative retail and interior trends.

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Perspex® Spectrum LED

Perspex Spectrum LED sheet provides optimized colour performance with both transmitted and reflected light using white LEDs.

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Perspex® Fluorescent

Perspex Fluorescent acrylic sheet is ideal for designing creative eye-catching point of sale displays.

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Perspex® Vario

Perspex Vario has the same fluorescent edge as Perspex Fluorescent but in six lighter, pastel shades.

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Perspex® Coral

Perspex Coral is inspired by the visual effect of a coral reef. It is custom-made to customer requirements, making each installation completely unique.

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Perspex® Pearlescent

Perspex Pearlescent cast acrylic sheet has a soft, shimmering, metallic lustre perfectly suited to modern design

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Perspex® Stone Cast Acrylic

Perspex Stone Cast Acrylic has a velvety matt surface with the look and feel of natural stone in colours inspired by nature.

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